Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day (yesterday)!

Mothers Day was bitter sweet this year being that my mothers 7 year passing and mothers day were on the same day. I love her and miss her dearly.

For Mothers Day Halle got me a watch and Michael got me a cookbook. I was impressed because Kev said that it was Michaels own idea to get me a cookbook and he even picked it out. (It had a big cupcake on the front and was all treat recipes... he knows me well or maybe it was for selfish reasons wanting me to make him treats... either way I love it!) Plus they also gave me a Nook... I'm so excited to get reading on it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kiddys update

Halle Joy
age: 13 months


  • Momma to hold her all the time (and I mean ALL the time)

  • to watchSuper Why and World Word (Michael was never interested in tv at this age but Halle gets so excited when her favs are on)

  • climbing on the rocking chair. We have a little rocking chair that used to be my mothers when she was little and Halle gets on it and off it like 100 times a day. And she acts pretty bomb while doing it. She is actually currently doing it right now and clapping every time she gets up.

  • bananas. She could eat them for every meal.

  • being naked. When we change her diaper she loves to escape in the nude. The problem is there has been multiple times she decides to pee during her adventure. So I have to limit her escaping enjoyment to like 1 min tops.

  • playing the point game with grandpa. She loves her grandpa and every time she sees him she has to be with him and the minute she gets in his arms she starts pointing. They walk around the whole house pointing out things. She loves it.

  • playing with Grandma. Another person she loves and the minute she sees her has to go hang out with her.


  • anything on her head. She used to be good and keep her headbands on all the time and only take them off when in her carseat. Now she thinks shes funny taking them off all the time and throwing them.

  • being left alone. I can't even walk from the family room to the kitchen to get something without her getting upset.

  • getting her diaper changed or getting dressed. You'd think having to get your butt changed multiple times a day you'd get over it. Sometimes I just want to play dressup with my little girl and she hates getting dressed so bad that its no fun.


  • last weigh in she was 17 lbs 5 oz. She pretty much is in not on the charts 0%. She's just a little runt. I can't remember her height I'll have to look it up.

  • she still just has 2 teeth. well actually just about a week ago one side one on the top broke through. Thats going to be weird... hopefully the middle ones are coming soon or I'm going to have vampire baby.

  • still isn't quite walking yet. She's been walking around furniture for a long time but she gets to excited and nervous to venture off on her own. Though the other day when we weren't paying attention all of a sudden she started walking towards Kev. She took like 4 or 5 steps. The problem is we can't work with her because when you try to help her or pay attention she gets too excited so she pretty much has to do it when she thinks no one is watching.

  • she is still working extremely slow on growing hair. She has what I call pigs tail in the back she has a peice that curls just like a pigs tail. Its really cute and gives me hope that she will have a little curl to her hair.


  • momma

  • dada

  • hot dog (another one of her favorite shows in Mickey Mouse clubhouse and she loves the Hot dog dance and the other day when my sis was babysitting she started saying haa daa during the song... she doesn't do it all the time but I've heard it a few times)

  • her uh-oh is my favorite she just goes uhhhhh (she sounds exactly like the little yellow fluffy character Katie on Horton hears a Who)
Michael (aka batman) age 4

  • is really into superheros these days. Just today I was asked why when he was a baby didn't I name him Baby Batman. hum.... thats a very good question Michael... it definetly was top of our list.

  • loves to read books. we frequent the library at least twice a week and we get in trouble because we max out mine and Kevs library card with our stash.

  • loving preschool and frequently talks about how he can't wait to turn 5 so he can go to kindergarten (shhhh don't tell him he'll actually be practically 6 by the time he goes)

  • he's such a sweet boy daily I get from him "Mom I have a suprise for you" and I say "what is it" and then he gives me a big hug. Cute boy!

  • he is obsessed with the game Lego Batman (ok I admit I am as well)

  • currently on a T-ball team and enjoys it.

  • got his first trophy from going to a start smart sports program and is so proud of that thing he cleared off a whole book shelf for it to be displayed on. I also caught him admiring himself with it in the mirror.

Anyways I don't know why it keeps spacing everything so much. This post is kindof struggling. But just wanted to update on the kids. (mainly for myself for journaling purposes...I'm so bad) Love my munchkins!

Good day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My blog has been healed from its ugliness! YAY! But apparently my owls are here to stay...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Halle's 1!

I can't believe my baby turned one yesterday! Where did the year go? Pretty pathetic that my last blog was her baby blessing... I'm a horrible blogger I admit it! :) Anyways I just wanted to post Halle's cute little invite. (and sadly yes the best pic I could get of her was munching on goldfish) It was either the goldfish one or her bawling her eyes out. This girl hates the camera... once she sees it out she heads for the hills and doesn't look back. Anyways I'll actually do a post with her bday party pics when I don't have a poopy baby crawling all over me :) Good day!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Halle's Blessing Pics

by Joy Gough

I have more to post but they were taking to long to load... so later gator!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Long time no see...

Been a while eh? Thats what happens when you don't have the internet at your home! O'well what can you do? (oh wait...I could get the internet....hummm..... thats a grand idea) Anyways just a brief pic update...

Halle was blessed on July 4th....this is her photo op by yours truly (don't make fun...I tried) I do have some extremely cute professional ones to post soon! ps. her dress is the same one I was blessed in...thank goodness I went through one of my Moms closets and found it. I had forgotten she saved it.

pic taken yesterday....we pulled out this toy and she was all sorts of lovin it! Don't you just want to eat her...her floppy ears and bald head and those rolly polly that girl! ps. she's going to be 4 months in 2 days...time flies!

we can't forget this little guy! He's still the biggest character ever and keeps us laughing (in fact just the other day I got a "Mom... I love you more than pooping!" ahhhh ain't that sweet!)

Well until next time.....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

6 years ago today....

Mom you are missed! Love you!